New Therapy at available at the Centre

One of our Therapists currently at the Centre has just qualified in the “Dorn Method” Carl S. Robinson (MFHT) has recently qualified in the therapy for common back and joint pain.

The Dorn Method is believed to have originated in Germany almost 40 years ago, and is a gentle manual therapy which involves no cracking of joints. The therapy also teaches the patient simple exercises which will help you take care of your back in the future.

The method consists of a range of different techniques and exercises designed to gently ease your vertebrae/joints back into their original positions without the need for painful manipulation or jerky movements.

There are some cases where the method is not suitable such as inflammation,fever,post surgery of discs and recent accidents but with all therapies- it is advisable to seek the advice of your GP if you are unsure, but the Dorn Therapist should also have a consultation with you before you start any treatment.

The back is an essential part of the body and when there are problems or issues, it can upset the natural balance of the body as a whole. The Dorn Method aims to restore balance in a gentle way.

Mr Robinson believes he is the only Therapist within a 15 mile radius to be practising the Dorn Method from the Centre in Quarry Bank, West Midlands.