Another footwear related issue-High Heels can ruin the way you walk

The Daily Mail has once again highlighted the importance of wearing the right footwear, this time focusing on high heels.

The shoes in the firing line this time are the Celebrity and Fashion favourite- High Heels. It has been claimed that wearing heels for prolonged periods of time without a sufficient period of rest from them can actually effect the way you walk.

It may seem obvious that high heels can damage your feet, but if you are sensible with how high/how much time you wear them you should not suffer any extreme negatives from wearing them.However, it is advisable to change style of shoe regularly for both Men and Women.

So the moral of the story is: Change footwear often and change style of footwear throughout the working week to keep feet and backs healthy.

search for the article titled “How wearing high heels regularly can ruin the way you walk – even after you take them off” on the daily mail website.